Word From Chairman

a pioneer1When most people think of Egypt, they think of antiquities and classical tours! Yet, Egypt offers much more. Certainly it is a prime destination, with plenty to offer.

Egypt is a show case of many grand antiquities displayed in their original locations; from jewellery, mummies and sculpture, to pyramids, obelisks and temples! It is also a part of the Holy Land, a graceful blend of the main human religions. Egypt also offers many adventure tours, desert safaris, golfing, Nile cruising, leisure holidays including all water sports, diving and scuba diving, all blessed by beautiful long sandy beaches and sun glory! It offers
many attractions to satisfy every taste at all seasons.
Being a pioneer & dynamic organization since 1971, we had to move fast a step ahead of others. We were pioneers in stepping into the Red Sea and Sinai areas, which offer a lot of selective tourists
andwhere we are very well established. Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh are the most popular, but not the only charming resorts.
This area is real “value for money” Destination!! You may even get more popularity by promoting our destination! We are here with all our resources and expertise, built on Excellency to secure the most attractive and pleasant holiday for our business partners and their guests. WE KNOW HOW!
To ensure this, our group provides you consolidated all its efforts to establish own quality service sister companies, as well as main and branch office in all popular resorts. This step was taken to ensure the same standard of Excellency throughout the entire holiday.
We look forward to welcoming you and your valuable clientele in our hospitable friendly country.
Hossam Gouda


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